This [space] serves as an ongoing dedication to the late Professor Carl Sagan, comprised of all things cosmos-related, in promotion of science literacy, the STEAM fields, and personal enlightenment amongst the ever-increasing hominid population on our organic spaceship, Earth.

Curiosity continues to be the fuel by which I educate and share the wonders of science with others. Carl provided the spark by which to ignite this passion, propelling me further toward continual exploration. May this page aid in your understanding of the universe, effectively bridging the gap between ignorance and knowledge, aiding in the way you interact with all living things for which we all share the same biological, chemical & atomic makeup.

Keep looking up and remember: we are all star stuff, contemplating the stars, as our origins were generated and continue to proliferate amidst the cosmos.

"When you're in love, you want to tell the world."

- Carl Edward Sagan

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